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1 #startfloatingbox()
2 *Contents*
3 #toc ("2" "3" "")
4 #endfloatingbox()
6 #macro(displayImg $img)
7 <a href="/xwiki/bin/download/ReleaseNotes/ReleaseNotesXWikiEnterprise18M2/${img}"><img src="/xwiki/bin/download/ReleaseNotes/ReleaseNotesXWikiEnterprise18M2/${img}" style="width:600px;border: 2px solid #CDCDCD;"/></a><br />
8 #end
10 1 Release Notes for XWiki Enterprise 1.8 Milestone 2
12 Second milestone of the XWiki Enterprise 1.8 version ([Roadmap>enterprise:Main.Roadmap]).
14 1.1 Summary of changes since XWiki Enterprise 1.8 Milestone 1
16 1.1.1 Main changes
18 * *New Wiki Dashboard* on the home page:
19 ** Spaces: all the spaces within your wiki (technical spaces are hidden):
20 *** Links to the list of pages within each spaces.
21 *** Links to the administration of each space.
22 *** Allows to create new spaces.
23 ** Tags: all the tags in the wiki under the form of a tag cloud.
24 ** Recent changes: all the recent modifications in the wiki, grouped by author and by date.\\\\#displayImg("dashboard.jpg")
25 * *New way of displaying tags*, with 2 new features:
26 ** Tag rename.
27 ** Tag delete.\\\\#displayImg("tags.jpg")
28 * *Page loading time reduced by 30%*. Statistics on Sandbox.WebHome, ~~without client-side file caching~~ (most of the downloaded files are cached on the client after the first request):\\{table}
29 - | XE 1.8M1 | XE 1.8M2
30 Requests number | 37 | 25
31 Total size | 332Ko | 200Ko
32 Download @ T1 (seconds) | 9.16 | 6.06
33 {table}
34 * *Improved information section in document footer*, including document children:\\\\#displayImg("footer.jpg")
35 * *Added [wiki syntax for embedded documents>platform:Main.XWikiSyntax#HEmbeddeddocuments28XWikisyntax20only29]*
36 * *Improved authentication performance for LDAP*. By default the authentication system now calls the authenticator only once by session, this means it does not call the LDAP authenticator and does not generate queries on the LDAP server for each request anymore. This can be changed using the <tt>xwiki.authentication.always</tt> configuration property in <tt>xwiki.cfg</tt>.
38 1.1.1 Important bug fixes
40 * Many bug fixes and improvements in the new GWT WYSIWYG editor
41 * Add support for Velocity and HTML as well as many bug fixes and improvements in the XWiki syntax converter to convert from 1.0 syntax to 2.0 syntax.
43 ## + lots of other changes, see [Platform details>].
45 1.1 Known issues
47 * [Bugs we know about>]
49 #warning("If you're on Mac and want to run XWiki Enterprise on the JDK 1.5 but have JDK 1.6 installed then the Groovy macro in the new rendering won't work fine and you'll get some exceptions. This is because of a Mac problem: When Java 1.6.0 is installed in OSX 10.5 it overwrites <tt>/System/Library/Java/Extensions/AppleScriptEngine.jar</tt> with a 1.6 specific one. When the <tt>ScriptEngineManager</tt> gets initialized if finds it and tries to use it. However it only works on JDK 1.6. Moving both <tt>AppleScriptEngine.jar</tt> and <tt>libAppleScriptEngine.jnilib</tt> somewhere else fixes the problem.")
51 1.1 Migration Notes
53 1.1.1 Data migration
55 #warning("If you're running in a multiwiki setup you'll also need to define the property <tt></tt> to your <tt>xwiki.cfg</tt> file or explicitly name all databases to be migrated as in <tt>,db2,...</tt>.")
57 You may also want to [import the default wiki XAR>Main.Download] in order to benefit from improvements listed above.
59 #warning("Always make sure you compare your <tt>xwiki.cfg</tt> file with the newest version since some configuration parameters were added. Of note, you should add <tt></tt> so that XWiki will attempt to automatically migrate your current database to the new schema. Make sure you backup your Database before doing anything.")
61 1.1.1 Applications migration
63 XE 1.8M2 has introduced [conditional loading of JavaScript and StyleSheet files>] in order for pages to load faster, sending to the browser only the files it needs to display the requested pages. This might break existing applications developed on top of XWiki that relied on such JavaScript and CSS files being present all the time. Concerned files and libraries are the following:
64 * scriptaculous files
65 * accordions files
66 * chart wizard files
67 * usersandgroups.js and usersandgroups.css
68 * livetable.js and livetable.css
69 * lightbox.js
70 * tablefilterNsort.js and table.css
71 * fullscreenEdit.js and fullscreenEdit.css
73 If you have applications that relies on one or several of these libraries, you will need to explicitly make them request the desired files using the [Skin Extension plugin>extensions:Extension.Skin Extension Plugin]. For example, if your application needs the live-table feature (the dynamic AJAX grid), add the following lines to the code page that requires it:
75 {code}
76 $xwiki.jsfx.use('js/xwiki/table/livetable.js') ## Inject livetable.js <script> tag in the header
77 $xwiki.ssfx.use('js/xwiki/table/livetable.css') ## Inject livetable.css <link> tag in the header
78 {code}

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