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Sep 30 2016

Bug Fixing Day 120

Yesterday we had our Bug Fixing Day #120. We've managed to close 7 bugs (7 real fixes) with 5 participants. We are still at -46 bugs behind the 1 year period. ...

Sep 21 2016

How to break an API: The XWiki view

This is an add-on to the interesting article How to break an API which shows how several projects handle backward compatibility (Eclipse, R and Node.js). This article presents the position of the XWiki open source project. ...

Sep 14 2016

Highlights of the XWiki 7.x Cycle

Here are some highlights of what done during the XWiki 7.x Cycle.

1557 issues closed: 696 bugs closed, 541 improvements, 83 new features and more! ...

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