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1 This guide introduces you to the very basics of setting up and using XWiki. However, XWiki is a really powerful tool and there's much more to it than meets the eye. Here are a few resources you may want to further check out in order to find out more about what you can achieve with XWiki:
3 |**For everyone:**|[[XWiki documentation on>>enterprise:Main.Documentation]]: basically what it says it is :-)
4 |**If you're a user:**|(((
5 [[The XWiki feature list on>>enterprise:Main.Features]]: discover the various features XWiki has to offer and how to use them
6 [[XWiki User Guide>>enterprise:UserGuide.WebHome]]: a couple videos on how to use XWiki
7 )))
8 |**If you're an admin:**|(((
9 The [[Administrator's Guide>>Documentation.AdminGuide.WebHome]]: general information for admins who need to customize their wiki (authentication, DB, performance tuning, etc.), and more generally everything you want to know about administrating XWiki, from installation to backups.
11 * Read about [[installing the standalone distribution>>Documentation.AdminGuide.Installation.InstallationStandalone.WebHome]]
12 * Discover how to [[create users and groups>>platform:Features.UsersAndGroupsManagement]] and [[handle rights on your wiki>>platform:Features.RightsManagement]].
13 * Learn how to customize the look and feel of the wiki ([[skin>>platform:AdminGuide.Skins]], [[color themes>>extensions:Extension.Color Theme Application]], [[panels>>extensions:Extension.Panels Application]], etc.)
14 * [[XWiki Configuration>>platform:AdminGuide.Configuration]]: most of your first questions are answered here
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16 |**If you're a developer:**|(((
17 [[XWiki, the second-generation wiki>>platform:Main.SecondGenerationWiki]]: discover why XWiki is such a powerful tool
18 [[XWiki Developer Guide>>platform:DevGuide.WebHome]]: many resources about how you can take advantage of XWiki as an application platform
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21 Thanks for your interest in XWiki! We look forward to seeing your project on [[our References page>>xwiki:References.WebHome]] soon ;-)

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