Collab devroom speakers FAQ

Last modified by Clément Aubin on 2021/11/03

General information

1. How will we communicate during the event?

The event will be held through two Open-Source solutions :

  • Matrix, for everything that is related to chats
  • Jitsi, for everything that is related to video / audio conferencing

Each devroom will get two Matrix channels :

  • One used for chatting within the devroom about the talk being held
  • One used for chatting outside of the devroom, in the same manner as the discussions that are being held in the hallways during the usual FOSDEMs

The specifics of this system are not definitive yet, as such we recommend that you regularly check the FOSDEM blog and the Matrix blog to see if there's no new update on this organization.

The latest post on that subject was on the Matrix blog :

Talk preparation

1. How are the talks organized?

Each session in the devroom is composed of two parts:

  • The first part is the talk itself. It will have to be recorded in advance, by 15 January, and then sent to the FOSDEM organization team or upload via pentabarf. When your session starts, the video recording of your talk will be automatically broadcasted in the devroom virtual room. 
  • The second part is the Q/A session after your talk, where you will be able to answer questions asked in the chat. You need to set aside some time for it.
2. What's the deadline to record and send my presentation?

15 January 2021.

3. What are the specs for the video recording?

Technical requirements:
Please adhere to the following technical requirements for your FOSDEM 2021 presentation video, as requested by the video team:

  • resolution: 1280x720
  • frame rate: 25 fps
  • video codec: h264 video codec, main profile
  • video bitrate: <= 2Mbit/s
  • audio codec: aac audio codec
  • audio sample rate: 48 KHz mono
  • audio bitrate: 128 Kbit/s
  • media container: mp4

We also created a quick video tutorial in order to show you how to use Open Broadcaster in order to record your video following the above requirements: 

Practical hints:

  • We suggest you record both the slides and yourself in the same video (at a ratio similar to last year’s videos)
  • Please don't overload your slides. Make sure everything is readable when scaled down slightly. The 1280x720 video you send in might or might not be scaled down to fit onto a FOSDEM template
  • Please make sure your video presentation fits into your assigned timeslot with room to spare for Q&A. FOSDEM 2021 works on a strict broadcast schedule. The system will ruthlessly cut you off at the end of your timeslot
4. What's the devroom schedule?
Event titleSpeakersDayStart timeDuration
Designing a human centric next generation internet Vision and progress on the Interpeer ProjectJens Finkhaeuser2021-02-0610:00:0001:00:00
Living on the edge with CryptPad Privacy, distributed computation, and architectures of resilienceAaron MacSween2021-02-0611:00:0000:35:00
From 0 to public website in 20 minutes with XWikiAnca Luca2021-02-0611:35:0000:25:00
Collabora Online for your documents Hear how we have been improving Online's UX, features & communityMichael Meeks2021-02-0612:00:0000:30:00
Blurring the Lines: Tiki 'No-Code/Low-Code' Empowers Full Stack Developer without knowledge of any programming languagesMike Finko2021-02-0612:30:0001:00:00
Lessons learned while collaborating remotely in a global pandemicSilvia Macovei2021-02-0613:30:0000:20:00
Nextcloud Hub 21 news Overview over the freshly released Nextcloud Hub 21Frank Karlitschek2021-02-0614:00:0001:00:00
ONLYOFFICE: How to provide ultimate security for real-time document collaborationAlex Mikheev2021-02-0615:00:0000:30:00
Migrating to an Open Source Wiki Move your data to XWiki from Confluence, Sharepoint or Document Management SystemsLudovic Dubost2021-02-0615:30:0001:00:00
SemApps: A (Linked-)Data Management System based on SOLID and the semantic web Fostering interconnections between communities by creating synergies between their platformsGuillaume Rouyer2021-02-0616:30:0001:00:00

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