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Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2022/06/29

  • Sent 29.12.2021 17:07:06:

     Variety in table formatting, and accurate export to PDF

  • Sent 09.12.2021 05:20:48:

     Que te permita crear una página a partir de un documento office365

  • Sent 30.11.2021 08:32:37:

     Sorry, but I was trying to install the tool on a virtual server (shared hosting) and just couldn't tweak the config to have XWiki run correctly. So I just dropped the app and went for a ride with BookStack.

  • Sent 29.11.2021 13:35:04:

     - setting to set minor edits as default
     - comment function like in MS Word changes tracking with comment on beside

  • Sent 14.11.2021 12:55:54:

     - Ask for default language during setup (XWiki Standard Flavor)
     - start / stop scripts should use "#!/usr/bin/env bash" for cross platform compatibility

  • Sent 29.10.2021 14:43:51:

     As far as I know browsers do have a kind of "offline" storage. It would be awesome to mark pages to be offline available on smart phone web browser. Offline contents should be synchronized once the smart phone web browser gets a online connection to the xwiki site.

  • Sent 11.10.2021 18:54:05:

     I am coming as an ex user of Confluence (Atlassian move to AWS), and looking for as much similar experience as possible (I really liked macro from confluence, for instance).
     Thanks for nice software!

  • Sent 01.10.2021 22:56:14:

     Been giving a try to XWiki 3 or 4 years ago, experience was painfull: tedious install, very slow learning curve (use and administration), poor performance (server side), UI was... huh... ok. Today try is definitely different: docker deployment is blazing easy and fast, learning by experiment is definitively better, user and admin ui experience is way better... kudos! Use case: friend of mine wanted kinda participative / collaborative website between sharepoint and blog. Not too social oriented, a bit like a CMS, even though not knowing what a CMS actually is... actually, sharepoint like, but for home use, to share with friends: videos, pictures, files, ideas... First try was humhub: not convincing. Today, I think I've found the solution. emoticon_wink

  • Sent 19.09.2021 16:50:23:

     this is surprising, but by default the Wysiwig wiki editor does not provide:
     * editing the shape of tables,
     * list of drawings
     * an index of entries
     * captions under drawings
     * easy control of the appearance of footers and headers in a PDF printout
     * easy building of import filters
     * an explanation of the application of ID allocation to all items
     After all, this is not a product for people who do not understand wiki and css philosophy.

  • Sent 17.08.2021 14:47:47:

     xWiki is a fantastic product with so many things to experience. We try to move from an very old MediaWiki system to xWiki. Sadly, we found out just recently that you offer a service for that. By that time, we already succeeded doing it. We did it now on our own by using the MediaWiki Import extension. With my installations (12.8.10 and 13.16) I had problems importing XAR files. I still try to figure out why. I think the installation process could be simplified a lot. For instance, on windows I could not even figure out how to run this thing. start.bat does not work. Even if I change the port another error appears. Nevertheless, we are running it on linux anyways, but you might have some windows-folks out there and especially in smaller companies windows seems to be quiet popular still.
     Thank you for your fast reply to xwiki-jira 18911. We might want to have some support services. Is there any offer for professional support, so that some bugs will be fixed (if there are any)?

  • Sent 02.08.2021 15:41:54:

     I use XWIKI because it seemed to be my best option when Apple stopped including a WIKI service in the Apple Server software about 4 years ago. I use XWIKI as a private/personal platform for myself and my family. I use the standalone DEMO INSTALLATION since it performs well enough for my needs and is so simple to get running and to backup and update. I do wish I could find some simple instructions for configuring the DEMO INSTALLATION to use HTTPS. I am OK just using a local/untrusted certificate for my XWIKI if I can run HTTPS.
     I appreciate that I can run a minimal version of XWIKI for personal use at no cost.

  • Sent 01.08.2021 13:44:42:

     Need upgrade for new user its hard for them

  • Sent 22.06.2021 16:19:43:

     Keep up the phenomenal work. I wish I could contribute to the project, but we are not a Java shop and I am not intending (at least initially) to write applications as it is not part of my job. However, setting this up out of the box gives a huge amount of functionality for a Knowledge Base/Wiki/Document store without having to modify anything but organising the information, setting up permissions, and modifying some theme elements.

  • Sent 19.06.2021 09:50:21:

     Xwjki needs to be faster.

  • Sent 17.06.2021 20:07:09:

     Other ways of installing and deployment. Too much limited to java.

  • Sent 08.06.2021 09:09:01:

     Hotkeys for Formats in the WYSIWYG Editor

  • Sent 07.06.2021 07:46:04:

     Cards layout for user directory.

  • Sent 06.06.2021 08:28:44:

     Please embed chinese character supporting for solr in default to many search function more friendly for chinese new learner.

  • Sent 05.06.2021 17:24:53:

     1. having a more modern UI pre-configured would improve user acceptance a lot.
     2. some features are missing user have come to expect with a certain commercial product. A portion of it can be covered with extensions, which are all over the place and have to be found... and then they don't work out of the box, and not as expected. Again, this lowers user acceptance.
     3. Authentication integration with other auth systems via OIDC/OAuth2/OATH is experimental at best, not well documented, and hard to get to work. Even then, some features seem to be missing. Having to set separate passwords when everything is in place is a larger obstacle to user acceptance.

  • Sent 01.06.2021 12:53:06:

     more options when editing such as color or text format.

  • Sent 28.05.2021 10:59:56:

     Optional cards layout for User Directory.
     Keep up the good work.

  • Sent 25.05.2021 05:08:51:

     I cannot implement what has been demonstrated because the documentation is too short and seems half and half

  • Sent 12.05.2021 08:28:22:

     I think the quality of our documentation needs an massive improvement.. Not only for developers.. Also for normal users. Its sometimes very hard to figure out, what is to do in some cases and its hard to read. The Website is very slow. If i want to search for some snippets or extensions thought this website i can make myself an coffee and afterall i see an result. Pls fix this.
     All in all our customers are very happy with our product.

  • Sent 09.05.2021 09:14:26:

     Some of the extensions I do not get to work. Seems they have not been updated to the latest version. I run xwiki in docker. After a restart the wiki is not available at first access but must rebuild help first Would be nice to be able to change the color of text individually, i.e. for each word or section

  • Sent 02.05.2021 09:50:57:

     Internal wiki links are difficult due to hierarchy: you must choose "location". Usually i have to create the new "page" and then move.

  • Sent 08.04.2021 07:10:20:

     I am still in an upgrading process, coming from release 6.x now using 8.4.6 I'll answer that question when I've reached the latest version. But as far as I'm concerned even this version has all features the team needs.

  • Sent 06.04.2021 21:20:58:

     Admin functions are not especially transparent or easy to use, especially when it comes to page design elements

  • Sent 31.03.2021 20:48:07:

     Make manuals easier to implement in XWiki production. It would be great to have videos.

  • Sent 30.03.2021 11:01:32:

     Sometimes we have different problems when upgrading Wiki. Mainly problems with SOLR. It would be great if this could be fixed in future releases.
     Nope, love your product !


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