PDF Export Metadata

Last modified by Marius Dumitru Florea on 2023/09/18

The PDF export template has a new field named "Metadata" that you can use to display additional information about the exported wiki pages in the PDF header or footer. You need to follow three steps:

  • Use the Metadata field to indicate the extra information you want to display. For instance, if you want to display the tags:
    {{velocity output="false"}}
      'data-tags': $stringtool.join($doc.getTagList(), ', ')
  • Use the Header or Footer fields to indicate where to display the metadata:
    {{html clean="false"}}
    Tags: <span class="pdf-doc-tags"></span>
  • Use the Style Sheet Extension object to inject the metadata in the PDF header or footer:
    h1[data-xwiki-document-reference] {
     string-set: doc-tags attr(data-tags);
    .pdf-doc-tags:before {
     content: string(doc-tags);

See the PDF Export Application documentation for more information.


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