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134 134  The document reference used to indicate that a document has been created/modified by a public access user (or guest user) is now null. In practice in means that even if the database indicate that the document has been saved by "XWiki.XWikiGuest" document.getAuthorReference() will return null. See http://jira.xwiki.org/browse/XWIKI-8953.
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136 +=== Programming right imply Admin right and not the opposite ===
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138 +With previous Right Service implementation some side effect used to give you Programming Right when you had main wiki admin right, it's not the case anymore. Programming right is stronger than admin right in new security module default implementation which means you can have programming right without admin right, even on main wiki.
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140 +In practice it means that most of the time you will have to give Programming Right to main wiki admin group which used to be granted only Admin right by default.
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136 136  === Miscellaneous ===
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138 138  - The translations page for each workspace (xwiki:WorkspaceManager.TemplateTranslations) has been moved to the template (and implicitly locally, on each workspace) in XWiki.WorkspaceTranslations. Existing workspaces will still use any existing xwiki:WorkspaceManager.TemplateTranslations document (registered as translation bundle) that you may still have on the main wiki. New workspaces will use their local XWiki.WorkspaceTranslations document.

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