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19 19   * Extensible solution, allowing registration of new rights.
20 20   * Customizable thanks to pluggable authentication settlers using configuration.
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22 -Read the [[full documentation of this module>>Extension.Security Module]] for complete details.
22 +Read the [[full documentation of this module>>extensions:Extension.Security Module]] for complete details.
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24 24  {warning}With this new module, the access policies also evolve and this introduce some major changes that you should consider if you are migrating an existing installation. Please read those changes in the migration chapter below.{/warning}
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153 153  {{warning}}In practice it means that most of the time you will have to give Programming Right to main wiki admin group which used to be granted only Admin right by default distribution.{{/warning}}
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155 +=== Sub-wikis now inherit rights from their main wiki ===
156 +
157 +With the previous Right Service implementation, only the admin and programming rights get inherited somehow on sub-wikis. The new implementation provide a more consistant behavior, all rights are inherited from the main wiki into sub-wikis in the same maner they are between wiki, space and document.
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155 155  === Public access on an empty wiki does not receive admin right anymore ===
156 156  
157 157  With the previous Right Service implementation, until some right are sets, the public (previously XWikiGuest user, now null user) used to receive admin access and is able to import the default XAR. Since we now have a Distribution Wizard that kicks in to allow installing at least a minimal flavor to get you started, this is no more needed. This will improve security since the detection of an initial import situation was not so trivial.

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