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169 169  With the previous Right Service implementation, you were able to receive edit access to a document while you were not able to see or read that same document. This potential issue stay hidden since nobody notice until a edit URL is manually entered. Since we do not see any practical use case where a user would need to edit a document he cannot access, the edit right now imply the view right. Therefore, giving edit alone is now sufficient.
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171 +=== Edition of XWikiPreferences and WebPreferences ===
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173 +For increased security, edition of the XWikiPreferences and WebPreferences documents are now always restricted to admin users, whatever the right settings of these documents and their parents.
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171 171  === Miscellaneous ===
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173 173  - The translations page for each workspace (xwiki:WorkspaceManager.TemplateTranslations) has been moved to the template (and implicitly locally, on each workspace) in XWiki.WorkspaceTranslations. Existing workspaces will still use any existing xwiki:WorkspaceManager.TemplateTranslations document (registered as translation bundle) that you may still have on the main wiki. New workspaces will use their local XWiki.WorkspaceTranslations document.

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