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185 185  For increased security, edition of the XWikiPreferences and WebPreferences documents are now always restricted to admin users, whatever the right settings of these documents and their parents.
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187 +=== The undelete action is now check against the edit right ===
188 +
189 +The undelete right (not exposed in the UI) was associated with the undelete action in the old implementation. The new module currently check the edit right for the undelete action. We are currently evaluating the opportunity to reintroduce the undelete right, and the right way to do so.
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187 187  === The xwiki/1.0 syntax is now hidden by default ===
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189 189  The old xwiki/1.0 syntax is no longer available for selection when editing a document. The rendering engine will continue to be available, so existing documents using it will continue to work, and creating application documents based on a template in the xwiki/1.0 syntax will still work. Anyway, users are strongly encouraged to migrate away from this syntax.

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