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42 42  To avoid confusion and to simplify our development as well, we have defaulted to a virtual mode enabled by default, allowing you to create and manage subwikis/workspaces no matter what product you have downloaded. For instance, if you have downloaded XE, you now only have to install one or two extensions ([[extensions:Extension.Wiki Manager Application]] and/or [[extensions:Extension.Workspace Application]]) using the extension manager and you are all set. Most likely we will also switch to a single product scheme in the future.
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44 -== Replace "xwiki.virtual.redirect" with an error template(or page) ==
44 +== Replace "xwiki.virtual.redirect" with an error template (or page) ==
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46 46  This xwiki.cfg setting allowed the admin to redirect to a specified URL an user that tried to access an nonexistent wiki. However, it was enabled by default and the default value was ## ## which was definitely wrong and was causing more problems than it solved. See {{jira url="http://jira.xwiki.org" style="enum"}}XWIKI-479{{/jira}} for an example.
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