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109 109  [[image:Denmark.png||width=50px]] XWiki Enterprise is now available in the Danish language.
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111 +== Global and per-user timezone setting ==
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113 +Wiki administrators can now use a specific timezone regardless of the clock configuration on the wiki server. The following setting can be found under **Administration > Localization**.
114 +Users will find the same setting, allowing them to see dates reflecting their current location. The user setting is accessible through **Profile > Preferences > Localization Preferences**.
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116 +{{image reference="timezone.jpg"/}}
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112 112  = For developers =
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114 114  * New rendering [[Compatibility Test Suite>>rendering:Main.CompatibilityTestSuite]] to make testing easier and simplify implementation of new syntax Parsers and Renderers. You can checkout the [[Compatibility report>>rendering:Main.SyntaxReport]] for all the syntaxes that are supported out of the box by XWiki.
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191 191  == Bug fixes and improvements ==
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200 +* Filenames of entries in XAR files are now [[always decoded using UTF-8 during import>>http://jira.xwiki.org/browse/XWIKI-6863]]. The previous behavior was to use the platform encoding. The filenames have always been encoded using UTF-8 in XAR files, but now also the Unicode extra fields are included, so unpacking XAR files with InfoZIP will result in the filenames beeing properly reencoded with the local filesystems character set.
201 +* Temporary files are now placed in a special sub-directory of the normal temporary directory, this sub-directory called "xwiki-temp" is deleted after each startup of the xwiki system so it is critical that nothing else it placed in it. This improvement means that temporary files such as cached attachments will be removed even if the JVM crashes.
193 193  * Fixed wrong calculation of IDs for stats values making it impossible to upgrade a wiki to version 4.0 if statistics collection is enabled.
194 194  * Faster first startup time by not running a database migration when it is not needed.
195 195  * Simplify reverse proxy setup by making all HTTP redirects use relitive URLs.

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